DO-NO SHAD   Kasumi Design
Do-No Shad Length:60mm Weight:7g Type:Floating

Do Nothing !!
Shad Cover Crankbait which has a irregular motion “CHIDORI”.
It can pass through the heavy structure, and has a irregular motion “CHIDORI”.

It can pass through the heavy structure, and has a irregular motion “CHIDORI”.

Shad crankbait is a frequency of use in hard bait.
Shad crankbait is used with light line. It means that it would be lost with a high probability when it is snagged.

Do-No Shad improved on that point.
You will be amazed to see its smooth movement with dodging the structure.

its irregular motion “CHIDORI” made by a blade on its chin is the most characteristic point.
It will make a “Kick Motion” right after pass through the structure, and it makes subvital bass bite the lure.
This “Hook Beat System” that the blade makes the irregular motion will make ability in snag less and CHIDORI motion

We offer you a whole new shad cranking style, “Do-No Shad”
“Do-No” means that you “ DO NOTHING ! ”

How to 

You can use it at the area with gabions, ripraps,
brush piles or stakes where you couldn’t use the previous
shad crankbait.
Basically, just crank it at the cover area.
The blade makes the CHIDORI motion by hitting the front hook, so it can appeal to Bass in open water.


“Hook Beat System ( PAT.P )”
“Hook Beat System ( PAT.P )”
The blade on its chin hits the front hook and then breaks the balance and creates the CHIDORI motion.
And also, the blade avoids the snagging of the front hook.
Therefore, it will make the CHIDORI Motion right after pass through the structure, and it will be a trigger of a bite.
What’s more, the blade is an important appealing part with its sound and flashing of the metal.

Color Chart     
Do-No Shad #12 AYU
#12 AYU
Do-No Shad #37 Alumina HASU
#37 Alumina HASU
Do-No Shad #43 Hasukko
#43 Hasukko
Do-No Shad #44 Nijikko
#44 Nijikko
Do-No Shad #81 Black Back Chart
#81 Black Back Chart
Do-No Shad #82 Flicker Gold
#82 Flicker Gold
Do-No Shad #111 Stain Gold
#111 Stain Gold
Do-No Shad #151 Spring Blossom
#151 Spring Blossom
Do-No Shad #190 KASUMI Magic
#190 KASUMI Magic
Do-No Shad #194 IMAKATSU AYU
Do-No Shad #197 CIMA ROJO
Do-No Shad #199 TAKATAKI Legend
#199 TAKATAKI Legend
Do-No Shad #200 BIWAKO Legend Classic
#200 BIWAKO Legend Classic
Do-No Shad #203 Muddy Crystal
#203 Muddy Crystal
Do-No Shad #215 KOGIRU
Do-No Shad #258 Alumina Gold AYU
#258 Alumina Gold AYU
Do-No Shad #259 Matt Lemonade
#259 Matt Lemonade
Do-No Shad #261 American Blue Shad
#261 American Blue Shad
Do-No Shad #288 BARATANAGO
Do-No Shad #301 Green Back Chart
#301 Green Back Chart
Do-No Shad #318 Chart AYU
#318 Chart AYU
Do-No Shad #346 KASUMI Blue Shad
#346 KASUMI Blue Shad

* We are paying extra attention to deliver our products in its effective setups as IMAKATSU Brand.
However, if retrieving is not in straight, please tune up the eye positions of your lure.
* Do not hit your lure on the ground or any to take out some of the weeds or other remains from the fields
when you might damage or give serious crack on the lure.
* To avoid any deformation, please refrain storing fishing lures from other soft plastic lures.
Please be extra careful in sharp hook or items within this product.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not use the lure for any other purpose or use.
Please be careful while you're using the lure.
Please do not pull your rod if your lure is hooked to any object.

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