vIK PIRANHA Search broad area expeditiously by extra long cast.  
PIRANHA 70 Super Deep Special Length:70mm Weight:25g

Overwhelming cast distance and high-quality sound
Possible to trace 2~3 meter bottom line by 1oz class PIRANHA
Heavy weight range keeping system vibration

SDS(Super Deep Special).Keeping same body size as Piranha 70 but weight 1oz heavy class.

Extra long cast distance like metal vibration and easy for range keeping at 2~3m line in constant speed.

Capability of cast distance and appeal of high-quality sound, especially effective at big lake like Lake Biwa.

IK PIRANHA70 SDS(Super Deep Special)

How to 

Ultimate appeal is that cast distance of 1oz class.
Target will be broad flat lake like Lake Biwa.
Extreme cast distance will make your Piranha appeal with high-quality sound in broad area.

Super Deep Special
Super Deep Special
Built-in tungsten for head weight.Materialize 1oz class heavy weight in 70mm length.Adopt high-quality sound model.Ability of long cast will make it possible to search easily at big lake like Lake Biwa.

PIRANHA70 SDS #203 Muddy Crystal
#203 Muddy Crystal

* We’re extra careful to deliver our products in its effective setups as IMAKATSU Brand. However, if retrieving is not in straight,
please tune up the eye positions of your lure.
* Do not hit your lure on the ground or any to take out some of the weeds or other remains from the fields
when you might damage or give serious crack on the lure.
* To avoid any deformation, please refrain storing you’re fishing lures from other soft plastic lures.
Please be extra careful in sharp hook or items within this product.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not use the lure for any other purpose or use.
Please be careful while you're using the lure.
Please do not pull your rod if your lure is hooked to any object.

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